Industrial Equipment Appraisals

Machinery and Equipment Appraisals for Asset Based Lending, Workout, Special Assets, or Turnaround Management Support

Maynards attributes our success, our longevity and our ongoing growth to our superb management and the expertise of our employee's commitment to excellence. Each of our appraisers has at least 15 years experience in our industry. Our appraisers are ASA and AMEA certified and produce USPAP compliant reports recognized by most asset based lenders. Our constant involvement in asset recovery through auction or liquidation gives us firsthand knowledge and experience regarding current and future market trends.

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Asset Based Lending Appraisals

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Common Appraisal Uses:

  • Asset Based Lending
  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Tax Issues
  • Asset Tracking
  • Asset Management Programs
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Financial Reporting
  • Payment and Financial Reconciliation
  • End of Lease Buyouts
  • Sale Transactions for Consignment
  • Industrial Equipment Appraisals
  • Divorce

Forced Liquidation, Orderly Liquidation, and Fair Market Value Appraisals

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Our extensive experience lends itself well to working directly with your company or on behalf of a receiver, a banker, or a lawyer in an insolvency or bankruptcy situation. Maynards’ employees have established positive working relationships with our clients, contributing to our universal success. We have the experience to accurately manage any liquidation or auction.