Desktop Appraisals

Valuations Without Physically Being Present

A desktop appraisal is performed without the appraiser physically being present on the site of the assets for the appraisal. Thus, no physical inspection of the assets takes place. A detailed asset listing must be provided. The appraiser depends only on the information he/she is given by the company.

When to use a Desktop Approach:

• To determine if an on-site appraisal is required

• If it has been confirmed it will meet the requirements of the user of the report

• The assets have been recently appraised and the information provided will support a desktop appraisal

• The project is cost sensitive

The engaged party is responsible for gathering all physical data, reporting current conditions, a photograph and supplying the appraiser with this information. A desktop appraisal should only be considered to address general questions relative to the potential value of the assets and to determine if a full scope, on-site inspection should be performed.

To complete a desktop appraisal, factors about the assets such as: age, manufacturer, model, serial number, and capacity are needed. In addition to this information, other factors such as the operating condition, maintenance, and history of the assets, is also considered and deemed necessary to the market value of the assets. The appraiser assumes the assets are to be in average working condition and maintained within the industry standards based on original age and installed date.

In a Desktop Appraisal, the appraiser assumes that the information about the assets is an accurate representation of the assets subject to the desktop appraisal. This type of report will include a disclaimer that states “We believe this information to be accurate and true”. This type of appraisal is utilized when timing is short, or when a site visit is not required.