Ford Motor Company

Maynards' Accomplishments with Ford

Maynards traveled to Romania to conduct an auction for Ford Motor Company. General Motors bought the bulk of Daewoo Motor in South Korea, but did not buy the plants producing Daewoo cars in Romania. A few years later, the Romanian government bought back the factory, and the following year, Ford purchased a majority holding in the company. Two years after that, Ford ceased production of the current engine and transmission.

The auction included industrial equipment from the engine and transmission lines, engine machines, camshaft, crankshaft and connecting rod lines, and much more. Maynards worldwide presence and their involvement in the liquidation of automotive equipment internationally assisted to properly market assets on a global basis.

The auction was web cast in real time in cooperation with Bid Spotter for buyers around the globe, via the internet, while others participated from their home or office.

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