Mattson Tool & Die

Maynards Conducts Auctions at Plants in Belmont, Michigan

Hilco Industrial, LLC, Maynards and Corporate Assets, Inc joined forces to auction the Mattson Tool & Die Corporation in Belmont, Michigan. The strength of this partnership helped to give the assets the proper exposure needs to maximize the gross recoverable dollars for this sale. The industrial equipment offered included saws, grinders, lathes, lappers, air filtration units, rolling stock, trucks, vehicles and much more. Many of these items were sold to bidders nationally. Used equipment dealers purchased some of the items offered on speculation for the purpose of re-sale. Speculative purchasing can be a indicator of a recovering market. Used equipment dealers only by inventory if they have a customer or are sure the item will sell in a timely fashion.

The auction was web cast in real time in cooperation with Bid Spotter for buyers around the globe, via the internet, while others participated from their home or office.

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