Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Maynards Specializes in Heavy Equipment Appraisals

Our team of certified appraisers conducts heavy equipment appraisals on various types of industrial assets. The appraisals and auctions we provide can help business owners, banks and other types of lenders with determining valuations. Industries that use our heavy equipment appraisal services include construction, automotive, tool and die, foundries, and aerospace. Maynards is fully staffed with highly qualified inspectors that personally conduct their appraisals.

Maynards uses valuations such as Fair Market Value and Forced Liquidation in their heavy equipment appraisals. Maynards' certified appraisers have extensive experience and expertise valuing assets in various industries. These genres include automotive, forestry, metalworks, plastic and injection moulding, video and audio production, and woodworking industries.

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