CNC Machine Appraisals

Get the Best Valuation When Using Your Assets as Collateral or Selling Them on the Used Market

Many companies invest in CNC machines, stop using them, and need appraisals to determine how much they are worth. These are very useful for automating many manufacturing processes that have been ceased due to the decreased production during the recession. We can give you an appraisal for any CNC machine, mill, lathe, and related tools, if you are looking to borrow against your assets or sell them to another manufacturer.

We work with banks, accountants, lawyers, companies, and any other firms that need a fair market valuation. New CNC machines can cost in the millions of dollars when purchased and it is necessary to determine their true current value given depreciation from the past and potential future production. These can aid in the smooth execution of winding down a business, filing for bankruptcy, and borrowing on long-term assets. Maynards will give you the most accurate machinery and equipment appraisals.

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