Blue Water Automotive Systems

Maynards, the Brandford Group, Go Industries, and DoveBid Partner for Multiple Location Auctions

The Branford Group, GoIndustries, DoveBid, Hilco Industries, LLC, and Maynards worked in conjunction to auction the industrial equipment of Blue Water Automotive Systems, Inc at multiple locations throughout Michigan as a Tier 1 Automotive Supplier, Blue Water's assets included more than 140 injection molding machines by Cincinnati, Toshiba, Engle, HPM, Nissei and UBE. There were five complete facility closures located throughout Michigan, which needed to be vacated and readied for the next tenant. Blue Water Automotive Systems, Inc. turned to Maynards and it's partners to conduct an auction of the assets to complete the task before incurring additional storage costs.

Blue Water Automotive Systems, Inc assets included robots, mold shop and tool-room equipment, computers, office furniture, and many other assets. Due to the multiple locations throughout Michigan, Maynards and its partners were able to offer the assets using pictures theater style from the main facilities. Buyers were able to view the equipment during the inspection process and then bid in comfort while viewing the assts on a large screen form multiple central locations. The auction was web cast in real time for buyers around the globe, via the internet, while others participated from their home or office.

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