Blow Molding Machine Auctions

Maynards is a Leader in Blow Molding Machinery Auctions

Blow molding is a manufacturing method used in the plastics and the polymers industry to make hollow and heavy walled containers. Plastic beverage bottles and fuel tanks are typically created through blow molding.

A common blow molding machine set-up uses an extruded plastic pre-form and compressed air or nitrogen to fill the cavity of a divided mold. The two halves of the mold separate and the finished containers are released.

The majority of Maynards' auctions are held on-site with a simultaneous webcast broadcast via the Internet. The webcast allows Maynards to reach a larger, global audience. Local buyers can benefit from the webcast as they can bid from the comfort of their offices. Another advantage of an on-line auction is that a company can quickly turn surplus assets into needed cash without disrupting employees' routines.

Maynards has been conducting equipment auctions for over 100 years. They are a trusted source and a leader in the industry.